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Gentry Studio Photography

Gentry Studio is based in north San Diego county and focuses on commercial photography and fine art portraiture.


The Start

Jann first opened her photography studio in 2002 and has been photographing people, scenes, and objects for commercial projects since then. Her focus is on commercial photography and artistic endeavors.

Jann Gentry

Jann Gentry,

Owner / Photographer

What people comment on most about Jann's work is the feeling it evokes. This feeling comes from a love of photography that was born from a gift her father gave her when she was 12... a camera.


Her background includes  working with non-profit organizations,  marketing, design, and fine art. Jann earned degrees in Advertising Design, and PR & Journalism, and brings those skills to her work, however her strongest passion and talents are in photography.



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Jann Gentry
Jann Gentry